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We are over on BlackRaven's Cafe today in the Author's Spotlight.

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You are the winner of Em Woods' book. I will send Em your email address. Enjoy!

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Drop and Give Me...

I will be picking the winner of the free book tomorrow, Friday. The Amazon gift card winner will probably be picked Saturday or Sunday, once I get all the names from all the participants of the blog tour. Check back here for the winners!

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Drop & Give Me...Sara York

The Drop and Give Me Blog Tour continues, this time with Sara York and her sexy firemen. Check it out here. Leave a comment and enter to win a $25 Amazon gift card and a free book!

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Welcome Em Woods!

Happy Valentine's Day and a big welcome to Em. This post is NSFW. *g*

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Hey there! Em Woods at your service... *grin*

I am so excited to be at Sue’s place today for this week’s Drop and Give Me...Holding Out for a Hero blog tour. Don’t forget to enter on each blog for all five chances to win a $25 Amazon Gift Certificate! Shouldn’t be too much to ask since we’ve all shared our favorite smex scenes from our books. ;)

Wednesday, February 15th: Em Woods will host Sara York
Thursday, February 16th: Sara York will host Simone Anderson
Friday, February 17th: Simone Anderson will host Devon Rhodes

One thing I’ve always wanted was to write a firefighter story. It’s been brewing since I wrote my very first M/M romance ever. Sam has been slowly cultivating and developing, getting ready for his turn. He is a strong man who only wants to protect his happily-ever-after with everything in his arsenal. When that is jeopardized, he does what it takes to save his man.


When a restaurant goes up in flames, will a spark of love rise from the ashes for a chef and his hero?

When chef Dylan Brookes finds his restaurant engulfed in flames, all he can do is watch his dreams turn to ashes. Shock, hurt and disbelief leave Dylan vulnerable to both the man who wants to love him…and the one who wants to kill him.

Fire fighter Sam Carter has been frequenting the same small restaurant for a year, trying to work up the nerve to ask the chef out on a date. When Dylan’s Omni burns to the ground from foul play, Sam steps in to help.

Now the question is...will his efforts be too late?

Steamy excerpt:

“What can I do to help?” Sam opened his own bottle and took a long draw. “You’re gonna spike soon. Too much in too little time.”

“I need to get fucked.”

Sam choked on the water he was swallowing. Coughing, he tried to catch his breath.

Dylan pounded him on the back, leaning over to look into Sam’s eyes. The laughter Dylan was holding back made gold flecks in his dark gaze even more pronounced. “You okay, man?”

Then Sam couldn’t catch his breath for other reasons. He’d never noticed the gold in a man’s eyes before, never cared whether they laughed or cried. His heart cartwheeled in his chest as the glint faded from Dylan’s eyes, leaving them as dark as midnight.

“Think you can handle that, Sam?”

If his hand shook a little, he didn’t acknowledge it. He cupped Dylan’s cheek and angled his head to settle over Dylan’s mouth. Perfect, smooth, damp from his drink, Dylan’s lips were the stuff of Sam’s dreams. He tasted of the single bite of burger he’d had over lunch, and smelled like Sam’s shampoo.

Sam groaned and yanked Dylan tight against his body, revelling in the press of Dylan’s erection against his own. “Glad we got supplies before we met your sister.”

“Me too.” Dylan pulled away, his lips swollen and moist from Sam’s kiss. “I want you inside me.”

Sam followed close behind Dylan, lifting him off his feet to toss him on the bed. He snagged the bag with the lube and condoms from just beside the door and dropped it next to Dylan. “Out of those clothes. Now.”

Dylan smiled and stripped faster than any man had a right to move. Sam stood in awe of the lean body exposed to his gaze. Dylan was toned, no real muscle definition except his arms, but the long stretch of his legs and arms made Sam’s mouth water like an open fire hose. “Gorgeous.”

A deep red flush coloured Dylan’s face and chest. “Quit.”

“I have a feeling I’m gonna want to kick that Benji’s ass.” Sam shuffled his pants to the side then dropped his shirt on top of them. Thank God they’d taken their shoes off at the door. “You’re fucking gorgeous. Don’t ever doubt that I think you are.”

“Forget Benji. I did a long time ago.” Dylan shrugged.

“If you’re sure.” Sam crawled up the bed, nuzzling soft furry skin from Dylan’s ankles to his balls. Occasionally nipping at a particularly delicious spot, Sam took his time exploring his new lover. His heart pounded in his chest as he neared the spread apex of Dylan’s thighs. Stark and raw, Dylan’s gasps for air were as much of a turn-on as the musk and spice of his scent.

Sam swiped his tongue over Dylan’s tight sac, wincing as Dylan latched on to his hair. “Easy.” He whispered the word just before sucking one nugget between his lips.

Dylan’s hips jacked off the bed and Sam pressed him down again. The mewling sounds rolling from Dylan’s chest had a direct connection to Sam’s cock and he found himself wishing he could lean over Dylan to thrust his prick into the tight heat inches from his nose. Instead, he flicked at the pucker with his tongue, earning a sharp cry.

“Stop teasing, Sam.” Dylan was breathless.

But still talking.

Sam gripped Dylan’s hips, tipped him up a fraction and set about turning him into a writhing mess of nothing but babble. He speared the tip of his tongue into Dylan’s fluttering hole, nearly shooting his cum then and there when Dylan hooked his hands behind his knees and spread his legs wide.

Sam moaned, tonguing Dylan mercilessly, working his thumbs at Dylan’s hole. When Dylan couldn’t string two words together, Sam moved away to dig the lube from the bag. Watching Dylan’s wild stare as he sucked in gulps of air, Sam slicked his fingers then pressed two inside without any warning.

Arching from the bed, Dylan threw his head back with a wordless cry as thick spurts of cum coated his belly. Sam grinned down at the stunned look on Dylan’s face.

“Baby, we gotta work on your stamina.”

* * *

And speaking of smoking hot (we were, weren’t we?), I’d love to give away a copy of Only Sam to one of you! Just leave a comment, making sure to leave your email address, and you’ll be entered to win our Amazon Gift Certificate, and (in a side pot) a copy of Only Sam. Good luck!

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Valentine's Day celebrations. Go and check out Devon Rhodes' blog for a chance to win a copy of In the Name of the Law and a $25 Amazon gift certificate.

We start the Drop and Give Me Blog Tour this week!

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Sue and I are over at Marie-Claire's blog today giving away a free copy of In the Name of the Law and chatting about Mitch and Ivan, the main characters in our book. Swing by and join us!